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shu uemura “beauty is in the eyes" campaign

it is my great honor to have just huge collaboration with shu uemura again!

this is a very funny but meaningful project.

this is my eyes makeup for a famous sport player-sonia!

isn’t it beautiful?:) haa

shu eye project

thx shu uemura love my work ,looking forward to our third collaboration! yeah


Methode Swiss X maysum Thermal limited edition crossover project

my new project with Methode Swiss again! from now on you can find this pretty limited edition at every sasa!:)
so excited!SASA2014

Lipstick Art – Exclusive to VeryFirstTo






This is my great great great honor to collaborate with VeryFirstTo—


MAY SUM Lipstick Art – Exclusive to VeryFirstTo VeryFirstTo exclusively presents May Sum’s latest collection of lipstick art, which brings floral creativity to her intricately carved pieces. This is the second lipstick art series by May Sum. For this collection she has merged the art of lipstick carving with the dynamic colours of flowers, attempting to fuse the two and create elegant and remarkable pieces.





and what a surprise ,a very famous Blogger-Olivia Palermo found my lipstick art and featured it at her website and facebook!!!!

love it so much!!!








more surprise that many UK and US media really love this collection

and they all featured them!!!

some of them even said,my art is a wave to UK!!!i am so happy!:)

thx you for all of your support!









Mail online UK


my fifth China lipstick exhibition-at IFC


My lipstick exhibition is now showing at shanghai IFC mall,

from now on to June07

feel free to drop by and say hi to my lipstick:)!


hiii china!^^ 


app exhibition

My latest pottery work will be shown at the 3rd annual […]

Facess x Labconcept X maysum”SUMthing big is happening “crossover project


1 Nov -31 Dec 2013
Facess x maysum Xmas crossover project
Labconcept X maysum”SUMthing big is happening “crossover project

This project is already started!!
Let’s come to get these beautiful gift from this two shop!!!

Merry X’mas!!

 VALMONT x May Sum Plantinum Suite Event

This is my first collaboration with Valmont-a luxury beauty brand!
i feel so excited!!

i have made some tailor made fashion doll and scarf to the VIP!

Everyone seems so in love with my work!!

thx Valmont giving me such chance to spread out my art to the public,
looking forward to our next crossover project!!!

T Galleria x May Sum lipstick sculpture exhibition and live demo



1st Asia Lipstick Sculpture Artist- Maysum

Woman’s Power Lipstick Sculpture  Exhibition +Live Demonstration

August 10 – August 31

T Galleria Hysan Place:
Hysan Place
500 Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 10 am to 10 pm.
Friday, Saturday and the eve of Public Holidays 10 am to 11pm.


see you  all there:)

new book launch event


my second book(love skin-愛美肌)have just officially launched at last Friday,which is a very successful media event:)

i wanna  say a big thanks for those who really support us all the time!

and i do love my great team,including designer,editor,pr agency ,photographer …etc 

you guys are awesome!!!

i hope this book can help alot of people who are suffering skin problem~><

and god bless you all.

cu all at the coming bookfair at 20/7,4-6pm~

Methode SWISS X maysum

Methode SWISS X maysum crossover project




maysum totebag and cosmetic bag limited edition!

you can find them from every SASA from now on to December!

shanghai wheeklock square X maysum exhibition 23oct -23nov 2012



i just back from shanghai for my sole exhibition at wheeklock square.
be honest,it is my great honor to be there,




everything is sooooo nice!and soooo many people support us that day!

the show is really a huge success,i hope that i can comeback again next year!

New Book: “Let Art Bloom—from art to makeup”

My new book will be launched at  1June!!!

Maysum shared her experience from a make-up artist to a multi-media artist; the art works in these seven years; the precious technique of creative make up and the sharing of what she had learned in this book.  In the meantime, she recorded her testimony of achieving her dream through her belief from an ordinary girl; the happiness and sadness in the field of make up; rhythm of her heart.  This book is full of blessing to youngsters from Maysum.  In order to encourage those who have dreams to achieve their goals, Maysum interviewed eight famous successes who are in fashion, brand, photography, modeling, designing and figure fields.  The message of “Success is not a fluke.  You will succeed if you never give up” has been brought out through their stories.  Maysum hopes everyone can find their directions and wishes their dreams come true.

It was an honour to invite the rising super model Angie Ng to be the cover model.  The theme of variation of four seasons expressed the story of a person who is growing up silently.  Four different kinds of female beauty were shown out under the camera lens of photographer Lo Wong.

The new book will be first on sale in the opening ceremony on 1 June.  After that it will be on public sale at any chain bookstores and PAGEONE.

LCX X Maysum Backstage Exhibition2012

“One minute of brilliant performance on-stage, ten years of hard work off-stage”.  Although on-stage is brilliant, the wonderful, touching and real stories are in off-stage ordinary.  The theme of LCX X Maysum Backstage Exhibition 2012 is off-stage.  This exhibition displays a series of new creation of Maysum.  The respiration is based on fashion show of different brand.  The rollout are included a series of fashion stuffed toys, unique and delicate Subi Mcdol, are drawn and sewn by Maysum’s own hands; a series of detailed and gorgeous lipstick sculpture which is themed of art, life and cats; a series of renowned creative cosmetic art works.  Each art work is unique and tells you about the off-stage story of Maysm and her rhythm of heart in these seven years—started from a makeup artist to be a multi-media artist.  No matter fashion, makeup and art, she also has the passion and the attitude of making unremitting effort for those fields.

This exhibition will be held on 1 June to 3 July, 2012 at LCX.  LCX is the first to promote the new book of Maysum—“Let Art Bloom-from art to makeup”—in the exhibition.  Maysum shared what she had learned and the technique of makeup, fashion and design in the book.  Moreover, she also interviewed eight famous successes who are in fashion, brand, photography, modeling, designing and figure fields.  She encourages those who has dreams must step forward to their dreams through the above eight successes’ stories.  She also provided some suggestions from different industries to the teenagers.



McDoll, a series of stuffed toys which is first exhibited in LCX, was made to give tribute to Maysum’s most respected fashion-design wiz—a deceased renowned master in England.  The creative inspirations of Maysum are mostly inspired from this master.  She named this series McDoll that hopes the passion of creativity of the renowned master can be passed down.  The faces of the toys were based on Subi (an abbreviation of the most well-liked icon character of Maysum).  They wore mini-fashionable dresses which were totally drawn and sewn by hand.  They are lovely and delicate and they showed what fashion is in a different aspect.  Moreover, they are also the art works that give tribute to each brand.

Lipstick sculpture

As a senior make up artist, he or she should understand about cosmetics thoroughly.  But the understanding of cosmetics is not equal to limitation.  It is a new breakthrough instead.  Maysum showed her creativity again and made cosmetics different.  She reinterpreted the meaning of lipstick.  She did not use a makeup brush but a burin.  Each sculpture made lipstick become an art work.  And, each lipstick not only has one meaning but it is a brand-new story.  Maysum thought that the frailness and low-melting point of lipstick sculpture are not the difficulties but the most interesting points.  This lipstick sculpture series have three different themes.  They are all around her life like cups, chairs, clothes, characters, flies and even her lovely cats.  All of them are friendly and interesting.

LCX X Maysum Backstage Exhibition

Date:1 June to 3 July, 2012

Venue:LCX, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tui

Wahahafactory released limited edition of handbag series again—Dreamy girl 2012

Wahahafactory reflected that creativity has no boundaries once again. Metal, pastel and geometry seem contradictive elements. However, when the creative team of Wahahafactory met these elements, a brand-new spark occurred.
To carry through the style of funny, challengeable and unique, we are trying to create a fashion of sweet pastel. As we had received a high opinion of diamond shape handbag series last season, we continued to create the stylish geometry with tough and cool in this series. It so happened that pastel is the hit in this season. The contrast between soft and hard, gold and pastel, moreover, the delicate binding also make the aesthetic and funny handbags acquire elegance.

Now is available at:
Shop F-10, 1/F, Fashion Walk, No.19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

NJAL online shop:


2012 Asia crossover project-CNE X maysum 2012 spring summer event

art direction,makeup:maysum
makeup assistant:yellow lam
… … illustration:maysum
photographer :lo wong from bako-studio
hair:eas fu
This is one of the huge promotion project with a famous Asia fashion brand-CNE!!
I have created several fashionable drawing for CNE spring & summer event and also for their catalog!
I have so much fun at this collaboration,do go to one of their shop to get more excited information!:)
 2012春季,为将独特个性的设计理念融入现代的时尚元素,CNE为这个春夏带来了时尚百搭的服饰元素。与亚洲跨界媒体插画师 @Maysum 的合作,设计具Fashion icon 的插画来配合CNE的2012年春夏新形象,再用其丰富的幻想力将抽象、新奇及有趣的设计加入时尚元素,令整套星座插画创作极具吸引力和收藏性。

2012 crossover project- LCX X GROOVISIONS—Chappie Plus

Chappie is coming back!!

It is so honor to be the part of this great event!

Really thanks for LCX giving me such great opportunites to work with such amazing international famous Japanese team-GROOVISIONS!

Chappie is their signature icon,i love it so much!!!

Don’t miss this chance to meet Chappie again!

LCX X GROOVISIONS collaboration project—"chappie + (chappie plus)"
location:     Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, LCX,Hong Kong,

date:  1march-26march2012,opening hour 10am-10pm

Here is my design for Chappie:)

hope you like it~

by maysum/creative director@wahahafactory

illustration 4 is ready

we are at <illustration 4>now!!!you can find it at every pageone.

many great illustrator  joined this book,you really can’t miss it!

Grand Century Place X maysum 23/09-31/10 halloween exhibition


Here is my new crossover project with grand century place:)

feel free to visit this pretty pumpkin princess!


中午12時至 晚上10時
顧客凡於場內以電子貨幣 (信用卡、易辦事或八達通)消費滿
指定金額,即可換領新世紀廣場x Maysum精品或哈囉南瓜精品,把設計精緻而且實用的精品捧回家!
Maysum Super Bybie
哈囉南瓜4GB USB
新世紀廣場 x Maysum限量版化妝袋乙個
顧客凡於場內以電子貨幣 (信用卡、易辦事或八達通)消費滿


「 Maysum — All You Need is Love 」 exhibition 11/7-1/8 2011

I am so excited to get invited for having an exhibition at HKTDC gallery!

And I got lots of support by many different brands and people. My show is full of love!!!thanks god, and really thanks for all of my friends and brand’s continue support! Love you all~

You can find my recent crossover product at this show.

Maysum X lo wong(bako-studio) makeup photography show

Keo.w X maysum –super bybie 3D collaboration

Amenpapa X maysum tee collection

Artessorio X wahahafactory sweetie animals collection

and my new design too!

Super bybie never have any 3D form but this time if her first 3D!!!!!i am so excited to see the outcome! and it is my pleasure to work with Keo who is a great designer in Hong Kong!

What’s more it is a charity exhibition. You can buy a HK$20 love card and write down some words to people in need. Money will be donated to Hong Kong Red Cross.

「 Maysum — All You Need is Love 」 exhibition

Location:1 Harbour Road,Wan Chai,TDC gallery,Hong Kong

Of course you can go to their official web site to get more details information ->


Maysum X catalog shop design

And Maysum X catalog Koetic Friday– glamour 70’s tee collection 2011ss

This is one of the coolest collaboration at 2011 !!!!! I love the tee,I love the shop design and all decoration! Hope you love it too!

You can find this collection at:

Shop no. L1-L2, Level 1,APM ,415 Kwun Tong Road.Kwun Tong

Shop no.03&05 Level 6, Langham Place , 8 Argyle Street .Mongkok

Or more information you can find at their official website->



Wahahafactory 2011 summer collection Diamondshaped

photo:lo wong from bako-studio
model:kwong chi
creative and makeup:maysum from wahahafactory.com

Diamondshaped 2011 summer collection is the latest creation of Wahahafactory. It is also our first handbags series. The inspiration of this series is based on shapes—circle, square, rectangle and diamond. All of these are malleability through the eyes of the designer. From early spring to midsummer, the pale colours become pleasing to the eye. The designs are mainly in red, yellow and blue with geometries. The mix and match of soft and hard, the contrast of black and fluorescence, and, the big plane diamond in the centre of the bag acquire elegant with fun.

The promotional images of Wahahafactory are basically amusing. Model cards generally seem dull. But this time, we broke with convention. We used movable photographs for promotion. Movable images express the uniqueness and fun of this

handbags series.

shop F-10, 1/F, Fashion Walk, No.19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, HK/Tel(852) 2972 2029

HKTDC Design Gallery
Level 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
tel:(852) 2584 4146

Online shop: http:// wahahafactory.etsy.com

Wahahafactory’s facebook group



Nicole info@wahahafactory.com / contact@wahahafactory.com

Jessica code magazine 8th anniversary —-precious moment

photo:Lo Wong from bako-studio
art:maysum from wahahafactory.com

shu uemura X maysum “LOVE" special lash collection2011

Thank you for shu uemura giving me such of good chance at 2011!!I help to made and design 6 lashes for this project
This 6 special lashes will be exhibit at “the ONE"shopping mall,beauty bazzar from 14-02-2011 to14-03-2011,
all the lashes are for auction at shu uemura official web site,and all the profit will be donated to “orbis flying eye

you can find more information at–>

hope we can help to donate more money!!!yeah ho~

I made one for a beauty editoral shooting!!you see,how beautiful it is!!!!(photo from cosmopolitan Feb 2011)

3D cosmetic project

It is so much fun to play with such of these cosmetic brands!I fall in love with making 3D stuff,i guess i will make a lot of
this kind of creation after this funny project!^^~

JollyShandy Poster design 2010

Even i don’t drink,so i do know what is JollyShandy!Hahaaaa,and the agency really give me a lot of support!!i think i started
to love this drink…haaaa i mean their image~:)thxx for the client and the agency!!

Lane crawford 160th Anniversary–Celebrate New Traditions book

I am in the book!!!so cool~~haaa
i look so hard working in the photo~thank you so much and happy birthday Lane crawford, my favourite shopping place!

Wahahafactory in -Graphics Alive2

Cool!!we are at this book!you can find it from Pageone book store,i love the publisher–viction:ary,they always publish
creative and funny project!!!

ARTESSORIO X Wahahafactory 2nd crossover 2011 SS handbag collection (launch date18-12-2010)

Photo: Lo Wong (baka studio)
Art direction & make-up: May Sum

To continue sharing our passion in ART and ACCESSORIES with Hong Kong fashion lovers, ARTESSORIO has collaborated again with WAHAHAFACTORY, a rising star in the design scene in Hong Kong, to create a new collection of ladies’ handbags.
As the debut handbag collection from WAHAHAFACTORY, this collection combines the whimsical fantasy of WAHAHFACTORY as well as the signature patterns of ARTESSORIO, incorporating many fashion elements. Has one ever imagined using traditional metal studs (usually used at the bottom of handbags for support) as decorative rivets placed on handbags? Yes, this collection has done it!

In addition, there are extensive RUFFLE decorations, like what Givenchy, John Galliano & Sass Bide have done in their 2011 Spring-Summer collections, dressing up the handbags as prettily as the models on the catwalk.

The theme of this crossover project is the fantasy journey of Super Bybie. Super Bybie is a little gardener with great imagination. The universe is her drawing paper, and it always brings her surprises. She travels across stars and planets in search of her favourite characters and animals. Through Super Bybie, people can share in her happiness and love.
Throughout the collection, you can see the signature pattern of ARTESSORIO in the fantasy world of Super Bybie. The natural patterns and textures combine with the psychedelic illustrations to create a distinctive new kind of glamour.
In order to enrich the whole collection, ARTESSORIO X WAHAHAFACTORY 2011AW also includes 2 belts, belts that function as both bag handles and shoulder straps!
This debut handbag collection will be launched in Hong Kong and Europe. And it will first be released in Hong Kong at the Magenta.

2011 SS handbag collection- Image Girl- Chan Chiu

ARTESSORIO & WAHAHAFACTORY has invited Chan Chiu, an international model, to be their image girl for the SS2011 handbag collection. With her distinctive Asian features and strong personality, Chan Chiu fully encapsulates the collection’s style and glamour! This project will be advertised worldwide – with the creative sparks among design house, fashion brand, and model, one can really see that there are simply no boundaries to artistic expression.

Media & product enquiry:
HK/Tel +852 9878 9402, email:sales@artessorio.com

Magenta shop F-10, 1/F, Fashion Walk, No.19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, HK/Tel +852 2972 2029

Wahahafactory official web site
Artessorio official website

Lane crawford 160th Anniversary–Celebrate New Traditions,Fashion Makeup Exhibition

Exhibition Date: 12 Nov2010 – Mid Dec

Pacific Place LaneCrawford & IFC LaneCrawford

Nov 2010 Amenpapa X Ztampz Bible Tee Project—F/W 2011 collection & X’mas Collection

TEL: 2151 1048
TEL: 3105 1090
TEL: 3107 0633


Kipling crossover promotion– figurine design-1 Sep 2010

Clinelle X Maysum umbrella crossover 2010

Clinelle X Maysum umbrella croosover 2010

this one is for Watsons

This is my new project for a famous and professional international skincare brand–Clinelle(you can go to their web site—www.clinelle.com,

to get more information about this cool skincare brand!!)

i special love their brightening serum!!it is so smooth and really can help to brighten my skin,i highly recommend you to try this star product~^_^~

if you want to get my umbrella,u can get it from Sa Sa and Watsons

this one is for SaSa

1st August 2010 Doraemon 40th anniversary artist crossover project

3D Doraemon figure charity for Children Cancer Foundation

ARTESSORIO X Wahahafactory Little gardener collection 2010

What would it be when ART is combined with ACCESSORIES?
Combining art with accessories is the design motto of ARTESSORIO.
Based in Amsterdam, a city full of artistic inspirations, Artessorio creates accessories with a flair for art and design.

Patray L. is the creative brain behind this unique accessories brand.
Being selected as 200 best illustrator worldwide by the internationally renowned design magazine – Lurzer’s Archive in 2009, Patray takes a step further to bring her passion of illustrative art to handbag and accessories design. To her, handbag is simply a mobile art gallery to inject essence of art to our everyday’s life.

To share the passion in ART and ARTESSORIES with Hong Kong fashionista, ARTESSORIO has deliberately collaborated with WAHAHAFACTORY, a rising star in the design scene in Hong Kong to create a set of special edition products. The elegancy of ARTESSORIO together with the ultimate fantasy of WAHAHAFACTORY once again demonstrates the art of accessories design. The collection includes iphone case, card holder, ladies’ pouch.. etc.

ARTESSORIO X Wahahafactory —little gardener 2010
The theme of this crossover project is a fantasy journey of Super Bybie. Super Bybie is a little gardener with lots of imaginations. Universe is her drawing paper where it always brings her surprises. She travels across planets and planets in search of her favourite characters and animals. Through Super Bybie, people can share her happiness and love.
Across the collection, you can see the signature pattern of ARTESSORIO in the fantasy world of Super Bybie. The natural pattern and texture combines with the psychedelic illustrations is a distinctively new kind of glamour.
The crossover project will be launched in Hong Kong and Europe. And it will be first released in Hong Kong at the TDC Gallary and Magenta.
Media & product enquiry:

shop F-10, 1/F, Fashion Walk, No.19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay,
HK/Tel +852 2972 2029

HKTDC Design Gallery
Level 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
tel:+852 2584

Wahahafactory official web site

Artessorio official website

June 2010 Amenpapa X Ztampz bible tee project

Amenpapa S/S 2010 COLLECTION!!!
I am so happy and thankful that i could have a chance to join this meaningful project!
my design are under–GIRL’S PRAYER SERIES
i will work so hard for the second collection,as it is not my me,is for Jesus!!!

To blend God’s words with fashion

To plant the seeds of truth in peoples’ hearts

Misson Statment :
Evangelise in style!

First Collection SS10





KWUN TONG APM, SHOP UC-26/TEL: 3107 0633


Media contact :
Salina/Email sayam0916@gmail.com

June 2010 London accessories brand—M9 X Wahahafactory crossover 1st launch

M9 means Matthew chapter 9 of the bible.

M9 comes from a small town in London . We met on the internet. We love M9 because of its conciseness. Although M9 and wahahafactory seem widely divergent, both of them include the same meaning behind the designs. Wahahafactory wants to share the message of love and joy through our art works. M9 is also a kind of blessing, just like presents to everyone on the earth from the angels. God always be with us.  We will be joyful always if we commit our ways to the Lord.

Key verse: “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd." (Matthew 9:36)

The design of M9 is concise. It is the first created collection of BRACLET which style is mainly concise and elegant. The lights come out from the swarovski of the bracelets just like the lights of our lives. If you can grasp the lights of your life, your life will be colorful and meaningful. And you will always bear in mind that you are not alone. The designer would like to cheer M9 wearers on everyday; hope them full of positive thinking and attitudes; bless them have a wonderful life.As the introduction of M9, we will create more attractive designs in order to bless the people in the world.

only available at Magenta :
shop F-10, 1/F, Fashion Walk, No.19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, HK/Tel(852) 2972 2029


May 2010 wahahafactory ss2010 collection—animals pattern 2—back to 80s

Animal pattern is wahahafactory in 2010 spring summer first collection, and back to 80s is a new member in animal pattern Collection.

When the online games, facebook, Sina blog, comic etc rife in our brain, children are always thinking of the world inside iphone everyday. Girl and boy nerds are scare to communicate with others, and the entire society nowadays is busy for symbolizing a generation of young people as the “post-80s”…All of a sudden, I miss my childhood, which is poor in material pleasures but full of human kindness.

No exquisite packing, playing literally Flying Chess, Chinese checker, Chinese Billiard, a top with my classmate in recess, playing on the swings, riding a little wooden horse after school, even though it is simple but it is satisfactory really happy.

We miss the games we used to play together in the past which eventually become our memories and the interaction between us as well. Though it is necessary to experience improvement and changes in community, something we left in the past is better still. Back to 80’s, hopes that you might get back the memories in past days.

shop F-10, 1/F, Fashion Walk, No.19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, HK/Tel(852) 2972 2029

HKTDC Design Gallery
Level 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
tel:(852) 2584 4146

Official web site http://www.wahahafactory.com/
Online shop: http:// wahahafactory.etsy.com
blog: http://www.wahahafactory.blogspot.com/


Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar 2010 –Neo Tokyo Odyssey Lashes Crossover Project

This is my new work for Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar 2010 –Neo Tokyo Odyssey Lashes Crossover Project

I was inspired by a famous novel—little prince and lady gaga’s bad romance music video
my makeup is base on a “flight vehicle" and i have used alot of the metal pieces which helps to mix the eye lashes and the makeup together

if you want to get more information on this image and the gorgeous eye lashes
you can go to Shu uemura counter 🙂

05 Jan 2010 HKTB “art in motion" tram design project launch

it is my great honor to take part in such huge event –art in motion by HKTB X apple daily media.
i am one of the artist who can design a whole tram ,it is so cool!!!
this project is promote Hong Kong to tourist(and which will have ad in Hong Kong and oversea!)
and my tram is represent Halloween
you can see my"super bybie is dressing like a little devil~

if you gonna see it, you can go to causeway bay to central,hope you love it!
if i am lucky enough i hope i can get in my tram ~haaa

Feb2010 wahahafactory ss2010 collection—animals pattern

Animal pattern is wahahafactory in 2010 spring summer first collection, we take the animal as the theme, add on the bright geometric pattern again in the black and white fake print foundation, each animal has belong to own pattern; This kind of mix and match, Crazy Funky Style which wahahafactory always likes. At the same time animal pattern also wants to carry over a message—animal companions; we stressed that the animal is not only pets, once bring back a pet to the family, is the start which lifelong pledged. They are the lives, should earn our respect and better status.

In the 2010 summer, It is time for us to stop and think, and find our strengths to face life’s challenges.

shop F-10, 1/F, Fashion Walk, No.19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, HK/Tel(852) 2972 2029

LCX Xplus
Level 3 Ocean Terminal,TST,HK/ Tel:(852) 3102 3668

HKTDC Design Gallery
Level 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
tel:(852) 2584 4146

Official web site http://www.wahahafactory.com/
Online shop: http:// wahahafactory.etsy.com
blog: http://www.wahahafactory.blogspot.com/


06 Feb2010 2010 s/s fashion feature illustration

Feb 2010 Wahahafactory inillustration book!!!

SHISEIDO X maysum — Summer Beauty, Summer Blessings 2009 crossover project

(participated brand:Cle de Peau Beaute、SHISEIDO、IPSA、ettusais and Issey Miyake )

east touch X ettusais X maysum nail art project 2009

LCX Xmaysum Spring summer2009 shopping mall illustration

LCX Xmaysum VIP cosmetic bag launch

26 February 26- 13March 13,2009 maysumX LUCKY BRAND JEANS – HK art project exhibition

Disney Stitch project 626 world tour exhibition– Location: Delay no more

my Super Bybie ~

Mocainu figure international crossover exhibition

Vivienne Westwood A Life in Fashion Exhibition—-Island East Meets Westwood

Jessica weekly magazine dec2008,milk magaine 2008

one of the photo sequence at the exhibition

Let it rock!

I may be a rebel, but i am not an outsider

ArtisTree, 3/F Cornwall House, TaiKoo Place

from 1 December 2008 to 31 January 2009.

It is my great honor to be invited to join a part of Vivienne Westwood A Life in Fashion exhibition,

i do feel really happy and excited!It is a great chance for me to work with those lovely and clever teenagers. I would love to share

our creativity and happiness to all of you through these photography,

For more information on the exhibition, welcome to browse through the website: http://www.viviennewestwood.com.hk

Best Regards,

p.s:i also want to take this chance to say thanks again to YAF,all my creative team members and students:

art direction and make up :maysum
assistance:jovy tang

photographer: Lo wong(wsslo@yahoo.com)
assistance:Wyman lee

snapshot photographer:sing Chow
special thanks:betty lo
andy,siu yan,B4z,jason,PEARL,FOK YING TUNG,Siu Man Yin,Katrina,Jane,Stephanie Yeung,Stephanie,miki,vi yan,jan, Tiffany, Hidy,Busy lai

Apivita X wahahafactory crossover project 2008