TUSCAN’S × MAY SUM: Limited Collection

by wahahafactory

Romantic Interpretation of a Winter Folk Story
As the winter snow subsides, nature is left in a beautifully adorned fantasy, where a spotless silvery field whispers away colors of reality into a purity inducing of reverie and contemplation. Between the shadows and light, thoughts unconsciously drift through the ethereal fairytale, as rays of sunshine, subtle fragrances of wildflowers, and a melodic birdsong merge in the background. From this magical symphony arise the graceful postures of a fresh and sweet dance, beckoning the wandering princess of this glorious dream to indulge in its irresistibly captivating romance.
TUSCAN’S and renowned Asian artist May Sum have recently collaborated and launched the “TUSCAN’S × MAY SUM: Limited Collection”. The kaleidoscope of flowers and mystical mushroom castle, as well as the whispering deer and affectionately gentle unicorn, all harmonize with a lingering aroma of flowers, chorus of singing birds, and dancing of dream elves. The exquisitely dressed fairy lightly opens her wings and wanders into the magnificent grandeur of a crimson, azure and feathery grey landscape. Scenes of enchanting wonder are woven together under May Sum’s paintbrush to portray heavenly chapters of a winter fairytale.

”TUSCAN’S × MAY SUM: Limited Collection” will be officially launched in limited quantity from mid-November of 2015 through February of 2016 in TUSCAN’S stores. Products in this release include: Limited Edition mini tote bags, tote bags, cosmetic bags, silk scarves, notebooks, passport holders as well as cell phone cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.