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L’oreal paris X maysum- false lash butterfly crossover campaign

i love makeup,

i love share my beauty tips as well:)

hope you love what we have done!

loreal 2014 june

p.s:this mascara really really amazing,highly recommend you have to try,if you want to have a beautiful eyes!!

shu uemura “beauty is in the eyes" campaign

it is my great honor to have just huge collaboration with shu uemura again!

this is a very funny but meaningful project.

this is my eyes makeup for a famous sport player-sonia!

isn’t it beautiful?:) haa

shu eye project

thx shu uemura love my work ,looking forward to our third collaboration! yeah

Methode Swiss X maysum Thermal limited edition crossover project

my new project with Methode Swiss again! from now on you can find this pretty limited edition at every sasa!:)
so excited!SASA2014