New Book: “Let Art Bloom—from art to makeup”

by wahahafactory

My new book will be launched at  1June!!!

Maysum shared her experience from a make-up artist to a multi-media artist; the art works in these seven years; the precious technique of creative make up and the sharing of what she had learned in this book.  In the meantime, she recorded her testimony of achieving her dream through her belief from an ordinary girl; the happiness and sadness in the field of make up; rhythm of her heart.  This book is full of blessing to youngsters from Maysum.  In order to encourage those who have dreams to achieve their goals, Maysum interviewed eight famous successes who are in fashion, brand, photography, modeling, designing and figure fields.  The message of “Success is not a fluke.  You will succeed if you never give up” has been brought out through their stories.  Maysum hopes everyone can find their directions and wishes their dreams come true.

It was an honour to invite the rising super model Angie Ng to be the cover model.  The theme of variation of four seasons expressed the story of a person who is growing up silently.  Four different kinds of female beauty were shown out under the camera lens of photographer Lo Wong.

The new book will be first on sale in the opening ceremony on 1 June.  After that it will be on public sale at any chain bookstores and PAGEONE.