LCX X Maysum Backstage Exhibition2012

by wahahafactory

“One minute of brilliant performance on-stage, ten years of hard work off-stage”.  Although on-stage is brilliant, the wonderful, touching and real stories are in off-stage ordinary.  The theme of LCX X Maysum Backstage Exhibition 2012 is off-stage.  This exhibition displays a series of new creation of Maysum.  The respiration is based on fashion show of different brand.  The rollout are included a series of fashion stuffed toys, unique and delicate Subi Mcdol, are drawn and sewn by Maysum’s own hands; a series of detailed and gorgeous lipstick sculpture which is themed of art, life and cats; a series of renowned creative cosmetic art works.  Each art work is unique and tells you about the off-stage story of Maysm and her rhythm of heart in these seven years—started from a makeup artist to be a multi-media artist.  No matter fashion, makeup and art, she also has the passion and the attitude of making unremitting effort for those fields.

This exhibition will be held on 1 June to 3 July, 2012 at LCX.  LCX is the first to promote the new book of Maysum—“Let Art Bloom-from art to makeup”—in the exhibition.  Maysum shared what she had learned and the technique of makeup, fashion and design in the book.  Moreover, she also interviewed eight famous successes who are in fashion, brand, photography, modeling, designing and figure fields.  She encourages those who has dreams must step forward to their dreams through the above eight successes’ stories.  She also provided some suggestions from different industries to the teenagers.



McDoll, a series of stuffed toys which is first exhibited in LCX, was made to give tribute to Maysum’s most respected fashion-design wiz—a deceased renowned master in England.  The creative inspirations of Maysum are mostly inspired from this master.  She named this series McDoll that hopes the passion of creativity of the renowned master can be passed down.  The faces of the toys were based on Subi (an abbreviation of the most well-liked icon character of Maysum).  They wore mini-fashionable dresses which were totally drawn and sewn by hand.  They are lovely and delicate and they showed what fashion is in a different aspect.  Moreover, they are also the art works that give tribute to each brand.

Lipstick sculpture

As a senior make up artist, he or she should understand about cosmetics thoroughly.  But the understanding of cosmetics is not equal to limitation.  It is a new breakthrough instead.  Maysum showed her creativity again and made cosmetics different.  She reinterpreted the meaning of lipstick.  She did not use a makeup brush but a burin.  Each sculpture made lipstick become an art work.  And, each lipstick not only has one meaning but it is a brand-new story.  Maysum thought that the frailness and low-melting point of lipstick sculpture are not the difficulties but the most interesting points.  This lipstick sculpture series have three different themes.  They are all around her life like cups, chairs, clothes, characters, flies and even her lovely cats.  All of them are friendly and interesting.

LCX X Maysum Backstage Exhibition

Date:1 June to 3 July, 2012

Venue:LCX, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tui