2012 crossover project- LCX X GROOVISIONS—Chappie Plus

by wahahafactory

Chappie is coming back!!

It is so honor to be the part of this great event!

Really thanks for LCX giving me such great opportunites to work with such amazing international famous Japanese team-GROOVISIONS!

Chappie is their signature icon,i love it so much!!!

Don’t miss this chance to meet Chappie again!

LCX X GROOVISIONS collaboration project—"chappie + (chappie plus)"
location:     Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, LCX,Hong Kong,

date:  1march-26march2012,opening hour 10am-10pm

Here is my design for Chappie:)

hope you like it~

by maysum/creative director@wahahafactory