Wahahafactory 2011 summer collection Diamondshaped

by wahahafactory

photo:lo wong from bako-studio
model:kwong chi
creative and makeup:maysum from wahahafactory.com

Diamondshaped 2011 summer collection is the latest creation of Wahahafactory. It is also our first handbags series. The inspiration of this series is based on shapes—circle, square, rectangle and diamond. All of these are malleability through the eyes of the designer. From early spring to midsummer, the pale colours become pleasing to the eye. The designs are mainly in red, yellow and blue with geometries. The mix and match of soft and hard, the contrast of black and fluorescence, and, the big plane diamond in the centre of the bag acquire elegant with fun.

The promotional images of Wahahafactory are basically amusing. Model cards generally seem dull. But this time, we broke with convention. We used movable photographs for promotion. Movable images express the uniqueness and fun of this

handbags series.

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