Vivienne Westwood A Life in Fashion Exhibition—-Island East Meets Westwood

by wahahafactory

Jessica weekly magazine dec2008,milk magaine 2008

one of the photo sequence at the exhibition

Let it rock!

I may be a rebel, but i am not an outsider

ArtisTree, 3/F Cornwall House, TaiKoo Place

from 1 December 2008 to 31 January 2009.

It is my great honor to be invited to join a part of Vivienne Westwood A Life in Fashion exhibition,

i do feel really happy and excited!It is a great chance for me to work with those lovely and clever teenagers. I would love to share

our creativity and happiness to all of you through these photography,

For more information on the exhibition, welcome to browse through the website:

Best Regards,

p.s:i also want to take this chance to say thanks again to YAF,all my creative team members and students:

art direction and make up :maysum
assistance:jovy tang

photographer: Lo wong(
assistance:Wyman lee

snapshot photographer:sing Chow
special thanks:betty lo
andy,siu yan,B4z,jason,PEARL,FOK YING TUNG,Siu Man Yin,Katrina,Jane,Stephanie Yeung,Stephanie,miki,vi yan,jan, Tiffany, Hidy,Busy lai