ARTESSORIO X Wahahafactory Little gardener collection 2010

by wahahafactory

What would it be when ART is combined with ACCESSORIES?
Combining art with accessories is the design motto of ARTESSORIO.
Based in Amsterdam, a city full of artistic inspirations, Artessorio creates accessories with a flair for art and design.

Patray L. is the creative brain behind this unique accessories brand.
Being selected as 200 best illustrator worldwide by the internationally renowned design magazine – Lurzer’s Archive in 2009, Patray takes a step further to bring her passion of illustrative art to handbag and accessories design. To her, handbag is simply a mobile art gallery to inject essence of art to our everyday’s life.

To share the passion in ART and ARTESSORIES with Hong Kong fashionista, ARTESSORIO has deliberately collaborated with WAHAHAFACTORY, a rising star in the design scene in Hong Kong to create a set of special edition products. The elegancy of ARTESSORIO together with the ultimate fantasy of WAHAHAFACTORY once again demonstrates the art of accessories design. The collection includes iphone case, card holder, ladies’ pouch.. etc.

ARTESSORIO X Wahahafactory —little gardener 2010
The theme of this crossover project is a fantasy journey of Super Bybie. Super Bybie is a little gardener with lots of imaginations. Universe is her drawing paper where it always brings her surprises. She travels across planets and planets in search of her favourite characters and animals. Through Super Bybie, people can share her happiness and love.
Across the collection, you can see the signature pattern of ARTESSORIO in the fantasy world of Super Bybie. The natural pattern and texture combines with the psychedelic illustrations is a distinctively new kind of glamour.
The crossover project will be launched in Hong Kong and Europe. And it will be first released in Hong Kong at the TDC Gallary and Magenta.
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