ARTESSORIO X Wahahafactory 2nd crossover 2011 SS handbag collection (launch date18-12-2010)

by wahahafactory

Photo: Lo Wong (baka studio)
Art direction & make-up: May Sum

To continue sharing our passion in ART and ACCESSORIES with Hong Kong fashion lovers, ARTESSORIO has collaborated again with WAHAHAFACTORY, a rising star in the design scene in Hong Kong, to create a new collection of ladies’ handbags.
As the debut handbag collection from WAHAHAFACTORY, this collection combines the whimsical fantasy of WAHAHFACTORY as well as the signature patterns of ARTESSORIO, incorporating many fashion elements. Has one ever imagined using traditional metal studs (usually used at the bottom of handbags for support) as decorative rivets placed on handbags? Yes, this collection has done it!

In addition, there are extensive RUFFLE decorations, like what Givenchy, John Galliano & Sass Bide have done in their 2011 Spring-Summer collections, dressing up the handbags as prettily as the models on the catwalk.

The theme of this crossover project is the fantasy journey of Super Bybie. Super Bybie is a little gardener with great imagination. The universe is her drawing paper, and it always brings her surprises. She travels across stars and planets in search of her favourite characters and animals. Through Super Bybie, people can share in her happiness and love.
Throughout the collection, you can see the signature pattern of ARTESSORIO in the fantasy world of Super Bybie. The natural patterns and textures combine with the psychedelic illustrations to create a distinctive new kind of glamour.
In order to enrich the whole collection, ARTESSORIO X WAHAHAFACTORY 2011AW also includes 2 belts, belts that function as both bag handles and shoulder straps!
This debut handbag collection will be launched in Hong Kong and Europe. And it will first be released in Hong Kong at the Magenta.

2011 SS handbag collection- Image Girl- Chan Chiu

ARTESSORIO & WAHAHAFACTORY has invited Chan Chiu, an international model, to be their image girl for the SS2011 handbag collection. With her distinctive Asian features and strong personality, Chan Chiu fully encapsulates the collection’s style and glamour! This project will be advertised worldwide – with the creative sparks among design house, fashion brand, and model, one can really see that there are simply no boundaries to artistic expression.

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